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FILM - Dawnland
FILM - Dawnland

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FILM - Dawnland
In honor of the 50-year anniversary of the American Indian Movement (AIM)
Sea of Glass Performance Hall   (click for map location)
Saturday, Jul 28, 2018
Event Begins at 7:30 PM

For most of the 20th century, government agents systematically forced Native American children from their homes and placed them with white families. As recently as the 1970’s, one in four Native children nationwide were living in non-Native foster care, adoptive homes, or boarding schools. Many children experienced devastating emotional and physical harm by adults who mistreated them and tried to erase their cultural identity.

Now, for the first time, they are being asked to share their stories.

In Maine, a historic investigation—the first government-sanctioned truth and reconciliation commission (TRC) in the United States—begins a bold journey. For over two years, Native and non-Native commissioners travel across Maine. They gather testimony and bear witness to the devastating impact of the state’s child welfare practices on families in Maliseet, Micmac, Passamaquoddy and Penobscot tribal communities. Collectively, these tribes make up the Wabanaki people

The feature-length documentary DAWNLAND follows the TRC to contemporary Wabanaki communities to witness intimate, sacred moments of truth-telling and healing. With exclusive access to this groundbreaking process and never-before-seen footage, the film reveals the untold narrative of Indigenous child removal in the United States.

The TRC discovers that state power continues to be used to break up Wabanaki families, threatening the very existence of the Wabanaki people. Can they right this wrong and turn around a broken child welfare system? DAWNLAND foregrounds the immense challenges that this commission faces as they work toward truth, reconciliation, and the survival of all Indigenous peoples.

Living at the easternmost edge of Turtle Island, the Wabanaki people are the first to see the new day’s light. If harmony and justice begin in the east, as some prophesize, surely the TRC is a sign of this beginning.

86 min.    Recommended minimum age - 16

Advance: $10.00
Day of Show: $10.00
Clyde Bellecourt Speaks - American Indian Movement: Past, Present and Future
Clyde Bellecourt Speaks - American Indian Movement: Past, Present and Future

Clyde Bellecourt Speaks - American Indian Movement: Past, Present and Future
w/ Book Signing - "Thunder Before The Storm"
Sea of Glass Performance Hall   (click for map location)
Friday, Aug 03, 2018
Event Begins at 7:30 PM

The Sea Of Glass--Center For The Arts honors the 50 year anniversary of the American Indian Movement (AIM), founded on July 28, 1968, with Nee Gon Nway Wee Dung (“Thunder Before the Storm”), the Native American name of Clyde Bellecourt, Founder and National Director of AIM.  Bellecourt is the most significant living American Indian in the United States.  Born in the Ojibwe tribe on White Earth Chippewa Reservation in northern Minnesota in 1936, he has been a relentless national and international advocate for social justice and equality all his life.


The American Indian Movement burst onto the scene in the late 1960s as indigenous people across the country began to demand what is rightfully theirs.  Clyde Bellecourt, whose Ojibwe name translates as "The Thunder Before the Storm," is one of its cofounders and iconic leaders.  He recently published his autobiography in 2016 – Thunder Before The Storm – in which he shares an intimate narrative of his childhood on the White Earth Reservation, his long journey through the prison system, and his embodiment of "confrontation politics" in waging war against entrenched racism.  A book signing will follow his talk.


Nee Gon Nway Wee Dung / Bellecourt will speak on the past, present, and future of the American Indian people and challenge popular cultural stereotypes about them.  "AIM is deeply rooted in spirituality and a belief in the connectedness of all indigenous peoples" says Bellecourt.  Having led a rich life as an activist and freedom-fighter, he is up-front and unapologetic when discussing his battles with drug addiction, his clashes with other AIM leaders, his experiences on the Trail of Broken Treaties and at Wounded Knee, and the cases of Leonard Peltier and murdered AIM activist Anna Mae Aquash.  The courage, creativity, and perseverance of him and other key personalities at that time forever altered the course of Native and American history.


Nee Gon Nway Wee Dung is the founder of Heart of the Earth Survival School, the first parental control culturally-based educational program in America.  He is co-founder of the Legal Rights Center, which has handled more than 80,000 cases over the past 45 years providing criminal defense and restorative justice services to low-income people, in particular people of color and juveniles at no cost, as well as co-founder of the Minneapolis Indian Health Board, the first urban Indian program in America.


Bellecourt continues to direct national and international AIM activities as a coordinator of the National Coalition Against Racism in Sports and Media, which has changed over 2,000 racist and hateful mascots and names in schools throughout America. 


Content appropriate for ages 14 & up.

Advance: $25.00
Day of Show: $35.00
Earth Harmony Sustainability Seminar

Earth Harmony Sustainability Seminar
Wednesday, Aug 22, 2018
Sunday, Aug 26, 2018
Event Begins at 8:00 AM
Avalon Organic Gardens & EcoVillage invites you to join in an exciting and innovative approach to community development and cultural enhancement. Our model community of 115+ men, women, and children is an experimental prototype intentional community designed to be replicated throughout the world, and is the largest EcoVillage in the United States. For more than 25 years, we have been working cooperatively to construct this learning center in an effort to share the fruits of our labor with other planetary citizens.

We are offering people, individuals and groups alike, the opportunity to come and learn about our method of sustainability through practical advice. We'll be providing the necessary knowledge and tools to replicate this model of living anywhere. The world is rapidly changing and many of our resources are being mismanaged and/or are in very short supply. It is with the utmost sense of responsibility and accountability that we share this wealth of information with you.

Two registration options: the all-inclusive VIP Access Pass includes 2 days of agricultural internship for a total 5-day seminar, $2,500. Register with the Standard Access Pass for a 3-day seminar, $2,000. Register one month or more in advance for a $200 discount.
Lodging and organic meals included.

Discounts available for missionaries and agricultural workers.  Call (520) 603-9932 to register or for more information.

Danny Green Trio
Danny Green Trio

Danny Green Trio
Saturday, Oct 06, 2018
Event Begins at 7:30 PM

A rising force on the jazz scene and an award-winning Origin Records recording artist, pianist and composer Danny Green has distinguished himself with his beautifully articulated touch and melodically charged sensibility.  His original compositions – a vivid blend of jazz, classical, and Brazilian elements – delight critics and audiences across the country and around the world.  According to AllAboutJazz.com, Danny Green is “a writer of gorgeous and engaging tunes, and a first rate pianist leading a distinctively interactive trio.”  

The Danny Green Trio features the talents of upright and electric bassist Justin Grinnell and drummer Julien Cantelm.  Since its formation in 2010, the trio has performed at notable venues, series, and festivals across the county, including the San Jose Jazz Summer Fest, Shapeshifter Lab (NYC), The Blue Whale (LA), Vibrato Jazz Grill (LA), The Lilypad (Cambridge), The Loft @ UCSD, KSDS KSDS Jazz 88.3’s Jazz Live, the Athenaeum Music and Arts Library (San Diego), CSU Summer Arts Monterey (residency), the Integrity Jazz festival in North Dakota, TEDxUCSD, The Sound Room (Oakland), Tula’s Jazz Club (Seattle), Jazz Live at Marine View Church (Tacoma), and the KSDS Jazz 88.3 Ocean Beach Jazz Festival.  Their work has been featured in DownBeat Magazine, Jazziz, the San Diego Union Tribune, The Boston Globe, NPR, and JazzEd.

The trio formed the core band on Green’s highly acclaimed 2012 release, A Thousand Ways Home.  Joined by world class jazz artists including Chico Pinheiro, Claudia Villela and Peter Sprague, the album received numerous rave reviews nationwide, rose to #17 on the Jazz Week Charts, and was voted into KSDS Jazz 88.3’s “Top Ten Jazz Releases of 2012.”  In 2014, the Danny Green Trio released the highly-acclaimed album After The Calm on OA2 Records.  Featuring ten of Green’s compositions, the album received much praise from the press and nationwide radio play.  After The Calm won “Best Jazz Album” at the 2015 San Diego Music Awards and was nominated for “Album of the Year.”  The trio recorded their 2016 release, Altered Narratives, at New York City’s famed Sear Sound recording studio with award-winning producer Matt Pierson.  Released on OA2 Records, the album consists of eleven original compositions by Green.  All About Jazz critic Dan McClenaghan commented, “There’s nothing that adds a touch of elegance to a jazz set more than an adeptly-done string arrangement, and these are superb; violins, viola and cello in a sinuous, sometimes whispering embrace with a vibrant, top-notch piano trio, delving into Danny Green’s distinguished compositions.”  The album remained on the Jazz Week Top 50 chart for fourteen weeks and earned high praise from critics worldwide.

(Appropriate for ages 14 & up)

Advance: $15.00
Day of Show: $20.00